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even... Buttons sometimes...

In Covid Quarantine Vaxafication Enthusiasm...
Jerral made this and sported it around the neighborhood

(still masked of course)

  People liked the button and asked:
"But are you feeling ok? (with the J+J scare)" (yes, I'm fine) followed by,
"Oh, can you maybe make me one saying 'MODERNA' instead of J+J?
or 'PFIZER' or a slightly different design?"
  Thus began the variations.

  You, too, can have a button you like....   Click on the Button above to visit Buttons.LLX.com


The Hand Behind The Word:
Handwriting Analysis: JAQS * Style

ISBN: 0-971-71073-2 (paper)     256 pgs     $16.95     5.5" x 8.5"

*Just A Quick Sample
Handwriting Samples Collection Booklet

ISBN: 0-971-71076-7 (mini chapbook)     48 pgs     $ 4.95     4.25" x 5.5"

Urgent Whispers: Care of the Dying
A Personal Reference Manual for Friends and Family
of a Loved One at the End of Life

ISBN: 0-9717107-0-8 (paper)     ISBN:0-9717107-5-9 (coil)   $14.95 US ; $23.95 Can

Do you have a Health Care Advance Directive?
    Perhaps you saw it in the news... a form which allows you declare your health-care desires and decisions in advance, regarding what you want should you become debilitated, comatose or nearing death and unable to speak for yourself.
    Don't assume others will be able to answer for you.     If you live in Oregon, we have a free form you can download anonymously here, fill out and file.   Our form may be legal in other locales, but check with an attorney.

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