2-1/4" Button Designs

The button that started it all... Jerral made this and sported it around the neighborhood

People liked it and asked, "But can I get one saying 'MODERNA' instead?
or 'PFIZER' or a slightly different design?"
  Thus began the variations.
The answer: YES... and lots more.

See some Vax'd variety we've done so far, plus we can also do custom...

or click HERE for 24 misc ... or try:
8 Pfizer Favorites
8 Moderna Favorites
8 Johnson + Johnson Favorites

Click image above for difference
between PIN vs MAGNET vs both


Pin-Thru Back design, $5
Pin Back with Magnet, $6
(discount for bulk orders to one address)

Not here in our neighborhood, or need one shipped to a friend?

Sure, although shipping ONE button gets expensive...
1st Class Pkg Svc or Priority Mail Boxes are best for undamaged shipping
Starting at $7.70+, Priority mail costs more than button itself.   Quite impractical.
(Mix-or-Match to one address: 5+ Save 20%;  10+ -25%, & FREE SHIPPING!)

Inquiry / Comment Form:

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When ordering, please specify: Vax brand (PFIZER, MODERNA, J+J)
(along with badge # and wording; and PIN CLASP or MAGNET)

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or Write:    JJJ@LLX.com      Phone / Txt: 541.343-1202

 PS: Let's still maintain social distancing; Wash our hands regularly; Be healthy and socially responsible!

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