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Yes, I know this is one of the least visually exciting pages you've ever seen. I write most of my pages for Lynx first, and then add the pretty bells and whistles later. Someday I'll get around to adding pretty bells and whistles to this page, right after I'm through procrastinating.

In the meanwhile, take whatever solace there is in the fact that all my pages are compatible with the official HTML standards, and viewable with any browser. This will remain true even if I start adding more pretty stuff. I especially promise that you'll never find any icons here telling you that this page requires some particular browser (you know the ones I'm talking about...none of those companies has sent me money to buy advertising space on my page, so I see no reason to display their banners). You also won't find any "under construction" logos here, because all Web pages are permanently under construction.

Neil Parker
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