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Love gently - Love wisely - Love fully.
Enrich & encourage all who strive to succeed.
Answer the Children's Questions.
Resolve irresolutions: harbor & carry no ill-will.
Never Give Up: Remember Who You Are.
Give freely of Laughter, Joy and All Things Possible.
Rest & Relax with as strong a resolution as you work.
Observe the Guidance of Wisdom & Reflection.
Welcome a stranger to dine with you at least once a week.
Speak Well - Plan Well - Chronicle the Play.
Honor the Memory & Works of All who Went Before.
Accept life's gifts graciously: Share the celebration.
Remember the body: Exercise, Diet & Gentle Needs.
Eagerly embrace new skills, talents, Education for all.
Give praise at least twice as much as any other commentary.
Often seek the guidance of the Other Side: Listen twice.
Defend the undefended: Bear witness for the Absent.
Set aside space, time & resources for Spirit's Works & Gifts.
Love deeply - Love often - Love Yourself.
Observe patience in thought, in word, in deed.
Value nothing more highly than Honesty, Integrity, Justice.
Embrace the Beauty of Spontaneity, the Creativity of Chaos!

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This piece is the official "Mission Statement" of LLX Press and Jerral. It is beautiful and inspirational as is, but look closer:    
Read the first letter of each line down to learn of our true mission as Life's Compass       :-)

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