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A Quiet Vision
Jerral Sapienza
Eternity, it gently came to me one night to spill its secrets forth
 of new beginnings, yesterdays and how the links combine.

Now silent in my little room, the days of ages past me still
 I feel the churling, swirling tide of morning's afterchill.

Come forward, Spirit, speak to me these clouds and crowds their beckons bring
 but I a simpler man don't hear their shrouds of harkening.

No, suns and sands of time will wear their own depleting paths anew
 and I in gentle fascination watch between the two

as bridges form from sifting sands where new adhesive bonds there boast
 the finest stern supported ways of those whose feet are most

supported in their wayward steps and those whose days have borne the light
 of fifty thousand suns above now twinkling in the night.

Yes, kind Eternity here stopped to speak its plan of wafting winds
 but I in quiet darkness never heard what truths it meant.

No matter, so they say, I've heard Eternity will bring its gift
 again when I am more awake to see the sands there sift.

And I to it shall softly go a sweet encumbrance, golden chain.
 My memories will one day know their own complete refrain.

Though faint its voice on beckoned tickled ear
 I here and now prepare to know and hear.

		Welcome, Friend Eternity
		(no case for Immortality)
		but Truths we know and never see
		are borne to set us free.
    -- :0938
This is definitely one of my favorite poems. It's probably my most reviewed & explicated, as well, with readers seeing to have some pretty strongly opposing opinions erupting as to what it's about! Funny thing, the way it can be interpreted by some people to be a poem about Death & Dying, and others as a view of the Creative Process at work, and for still others, a tale of Lost Love and Times Remiss.

Have your own variety of what this is about? Be in touch and let us know!

-J :-) Early '96

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