2-1/4" Button Designs

The button that started it all... Jerral made this and sported it around the neighborhood

People liked it and asked, "But can I get one saying 'MODERNA' instead?
or 'PFIZER' or a slightly different design?"
  Thus began the variations.
The answer: YES... and lots more.

See some Vax'd variety we've done so far, plus we can also do custom...

or click here for even more...

Click image above for difference
between PIN vs MAGNET vs both


Pin-Thru Back design, $5
Pin Back with Magnet, $6
(discount for bulk orders to one address)

Not here in our neighborhood, or need one shipped to a friend?

Sure, although shipping ONE button gets expensive...
1st Class Pkg Svc or Priority Mail Boxes are best for undamaged shipping
Starting at $7.70+, Priority mail costs more than button itself.   Quite impractical.
(Mix-or-Match to one address: 5+ Save 20%;  10+ -25%, & FREE SHIPPING!)

Inquiry / Comment Form:

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When ordering, please specify: Vax brand (PFIZER, MODERNA, J+J)
(along with badge # and wording; and PIN CLASP or MAGNET)

<== Your Name
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or Write:    JJJ@LLX.com      Phone / Txt: 541.343-1202

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