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Crow's Feet

1. Opening A.

2. Insert index, middle, ring, and little fingers from above into the thumb loops and release thumbs, transferring their loops to the other four fingers. Straighten the fingers, allowing their new loops to slip down toward the wrists, below the original index and little finger loops.

3. Transfer upper (original) index loops to thumbs.

4. With the right hand, lift the loop on back of the left hand off the hand, and place it on the left middle finger. Repeat on the other hand.

5. As the near little finger strings go toward the center of the figure, they pass under the far middle finger strings. Pass little fingers forward over far middle finger strings, and under near little finger strings, past the point where they go under the far middle finger strings. Return with the near little finger strings, which should now hook around the far middle finger strings.

6. Release the lower (original) far little finger string (that runs straight across between the hands) from the little fingers.

7. Release thumb loops.

Actually, this was not one of the more common figures on the playground, and I don't recall whether this was really the method used to make it. But of the methods known to me, this is the one most likely to have been used. The elegantly direct Tanana method was definitely not known to my schoolmates.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Elementary School