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The Feb'03 Unity Letter      
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  Jerral's home church is Unity of the Valley in Eugene, Oregon.   Come by and visit the church
sometime if you're in the area, or visit our church on the web right now if you like!

Thanks for your interest in
URGENT WHISPERS: Care of the Dying
by  Unity Chaplain and Author  Jerral Sapienza

Two bindings. Both are identical text inside; 4" x 7"; 152p; $14.95

  • Standard Paperback   (ISBN 0971710708)
  • Spiral Coil Bound     ISBN 0971710759 lay-flat binding.
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  • This resource page is provided specifically for our Unity Church Friends to help you learn more about URGENT WHISPERS:Care of the Dying and how you can use it for Education, Community Service and empowering your membership's personal growth through these timely little nuggets of Spirit.

        URGENT WHISPERS by Unity Author and Chaplain Jerral Sapienza is an excellent resource book about End-of-Life Caregiving. But it is so much more than that. It is also a powerful action guide to richer living, a "map and compass for the soul" for dealing with loss and change in a number of different contexts, and a reflection guide and call to meditation for bettering daily life.
        Folks using the book are actively seeking to examine their priorities, love and family, and learning more about themselves and those around them.   It is a unique new approach to stimulating Twelve Powers class discussions, too, with an added benefit of reminding folks that they have nothing to fear, and they already know what to do in order to be able to help out at the end-of-life.

        Come take a look. Let us show you what the book has to offer, and how it can be useful in your Educational and Service Ministries, as well as the Prayer Team and Stephen Ministry Team, if you have those. In addition to working with the ill and dying, URGENT WHISPERS is also popping up across the country in book discussion groups, community reading programs, church fellowships for thinking about new ways of looking at Life and Living. This is a remarkable book.


    Twelve Powers Sheet
  • Jerral's special Twelve Powers of End-of-Life Care is a useful discussion focus for a mixed discussion of End of Life issues and Unity Twelve Powers studies. This special interpretation of the Twelve Powers through a prism of love, loss, patience, growth and gifts offers uplifting and applicable concepts for daily life as well.     [top]

    Media Kit / Info
  • Check out the URGENT WHISPERS Media Kit.
        The initial information pages about URGENT WHISPERS begin at the Media Kit, which tells you about the basics of the book, the author, the audience, contact info and ordering information about the book.     [top]

  • Read some of these URGENT WHISPERS Reviews.
        In order to help you know more about the book from other people's eyes, we have here a number of Reviews from various sources posted here. Feel free to take a look, and even write one of your own, right there, too.     [top]

    Training Materials
  • Review some of the Training Materials available to Class and Discussion Groups.
        We have a number of training materials available for the book, including
    • Brief six-week training outlines and
    • Complete Class Guide for 7-week course you can download and print from the web here.
    • Instructor Guide
    • Participant's Guide
    • instructor eval forms
    • Instructor Copies of the book available for every order of 25 books or more.

    Where to Find URGENT WHISPERS
  • Where can you find a copy of URGENT WHISPERS now?
        You may wish to check out this list of some of the locations where you can find book, including bookstores, hospices, hospitals, churches, university contacts and some of the other institutional contacts who already have the book. This is by no means an exhaustive list since it depends on folks letting us know where they've seen the book.   But it's a good resource list to see about finding a book in any of the US 50 States, and some international locations.
        We're happy to add your church or bookstore to the list of locations where our books are available, if it's not already on the list.   If you would like to consider stocking the books in your bookstore, we can supply them wholesale to you, or point you to distributors to serve you.     [top]

    Order Forms
  • If you'd like to order an initial order of books for your bookstore, then you can use this Online Order Form and the system will recognize you as a Unity Bookstore order and apply the 40% bookstore discount for qty 4+. Or, email or phone in an order if you'd prefer. We are happy to bill Unity Churches for payment after you receive the books. Please write the order number on the check (order number will appear on the invoice which you'll see as you enter the order online.)

  • Print out an OrderForm to copy for folks who are not on-line.
    This is a fill-in-the-blank type order form for you to fill in and fax or mail back. It is specifically for Unity Churches. For general public order form, use This one instead.


    Review Copy
  • Request a Review Copy and tell us about your church Education Ministries.
        We encourage Unity Churches to become involved in URGENT WHISPERS reading, discussion and service groups for end-of-life care / Twelve Powers studies. If are willing to write a review and let folks know what you think, we are happy to introduce the book to you by sending the church a Review Copy.   See the Review Copy page for more information.     [top]

    Site Visits by Jerral
  • Personal visits to your church by Jerral for class inauguration, booksigning, or event
        Would you like to host Jerral for a visit to your church?   He does a fair amount of traveling and enjoys visiting Unity Churches along the way. Sometimes it is for a general unofficial visit just to fellowship with the church members and get to know another of our family of churches. Other times may be more event-oriented, to speak, or sign books or visit a class using the Urgent Whispers: Care of the Dying books.
        Jerral is sometimes available to help inaugurate a class kick-off, or help with the tone and tenor of the class and discussion. Since class formats often run for several weeks, his out-of-town visits are usually only for a small portion of the class, (only a day or two.)   But it can be a good attendance draw to have him visit as you start up, for a presentation or booksigning or class inauguration, kick-off or completion.

    We'd be happy to see if we can arrange a convenient date for a visit to your church. Contact Mollie or Scottie in our office for arranging a date.   An author visit involves travel and lodging expenses to the hosting church, and a Love Offering / Collection during the visit. We also suggest that you have copies of the book in stock at your bookstore there in order to help ensure that prior to Jerral's visit there will be some familiarity with the book and his work. This helps to make the visit more effective and productive for All.
        You may want to check in with other Churches (Unity or others) to see if you can arrange either a community visit for more than one church, or a series of visits to several area churches, thereby sharing travel and lodging costs and between churches and lowering the cost of the visit.     [top]

    Life's Compass
  • One thing you probably already know if you've read URGENT WHISPERS is that Jerral has quite an appreciation for the musicality of words. Also a poet, some of his "sweetest" pieces useful in the context of URGENT WHISPERS discussion groups, Spiritual Studies, Chaplaincy Orientation, and the like are those such as his Life's Compass: A Mission which has encoded within it a secret hidden message of "Learn Grow Share God's Love";   What is a Unity Chaplain? (another puzzle poem encoding the word "Chaplain" in a discussion of what a chaplain is); and one of his classical lyrical works about "Eternity" and "the Other Side", called " Eternities Aloft   The Life's Compass reminder piece is one which Jerral often makes available at his talks, and is one which keeps us all on task around here motivationally here at LLX Press.   :-)


    Contact Us
  • Contact Us if you'd like to host Jerral for a training, speaking engagement or other event at your church. Let us know potential dates you'd like to consider, and we'll see what's available.     [top]

    Thank You!
    We hope this basic information sheet has given you some useful information and answered any questions you may have.   If you do have other questions where were not answered, then feel free to Be in Touch and we will be happy to try and help out.     [top]

    Thanks again for your interest in URGENT WHISPERS: Care of the Dying . We look forward to your being in touch.

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